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Mariánské Lázně


The same as Karlovy Vary, the second largest spa in the Czech Republic is proud of its many mineral springs. The town is one of the points of the so-called „Spa Triangle”, which also includes Františkovy Lázně and Karlovy Vary. The spa mainly accepts patients with the diseases of kidney, urinary tract, digestive and locomotor problems, respiratory problems, skin diseases, etc.

Marienbad is situated about 50 km south of Karlovy Vary. Tourists are attracted to come there not only for the spa treatments, but also for the many attractions and monuments. In addition to colonnades, they can also find the Singing Fountain, or the realistic miniature copies of important Czech buildings in the Miniature Park.

Attractions in the town and its environs:

  • The Spa Colonnade
  • The Ferdinand Spring Colonnade
  • The Rudolph Spring Pavilion
  • The Singing Fountain
  • The Miniature Park – the miniature copies of important Czech buildings
  • The Roman Catholic Deacon Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary
  • The Corporis Christi Protestant Church
  • The Christ Church Anglican Church
  • The St. Vladimir Orthodox Church
  • The Chapel of Love
  • and more...

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