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The spring in Karlovy Vary has a scent of freshness and renewal. After the winter darkness the sun is returning to the streets, the public areas are cleaned and the parks are slowly beginning to blossom. The spa season has started with the blessing of springs, which are slowly starting to be busy.



Average daytime temperature: -0,6 to 11,3 °C
Max: 26,1 °C
Min.: -17,5 °C
Precipitation: 40–120 mm

Most important events

  • Opening of the spa season - blessing of the springs, a festive parade through the town
  • The Karlsbad aristocratic weekend - a meeting of the European nobility


The arrival of spring is associated with the arrival of tourists. Hotels have already completed the planned repairs and modifications. Thus everything is poised to welcome the new spa season. The town is not full yet, but the buzz in the streets is becoming more intense every day.

  • the spa walks, Karlovy Vary forest trails
  • castles, chateaus, museums and galleries
  • convention tourism
  • health tourism
  • agritourism
  • educational trails


Outdoor Outdoor golf, tennis, bicycling, hiking, petanque, horse riding, in-line skating
Indoor Swimming, aerobics, fitness, spinning, golf, tennis, squash
Wassersport und –tourismus Sports fishing, the Ohře (Eger) river boating

Come to Karlovy Vary for treatment and discover the healing power of thermal springs.
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