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Spa treatments

Comprehensive Karlovy Vary spa care
with contributions or the care paid by the patient...

Karlovy Vary is the largest spa in the Czech Republic. It is mainly used for the treatment of digestive and locomotor system diseases and metabolic disorders. The town offers many spa hotels and other spa facilities, which will provide you with traditional spa treatments, a wide variety of wellness programs and individual procedures. We recommend: Hotel Imperial and Spa Resort Sanssouci.

Indications for the spa therapy

  • gastrointestinal diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • diabetes
  • gout
  • obesity
  • periodontitis
  • locomotor system diseases
  • liver, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tract diseases
  • conditions after oncological diseases
  • neurological disorders

Come to Karlovy Vary for treatment and discover the healing power of thermal springs.
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About the Karlovy Vary spa treatments

The Karlovy Vary spa treatments consist of procedures which are mainly using mineral water for the treatments. In order to make any sense, the therapy must last at least three weeks. Upon arrival at the spa the doctor performs the initial examination and prescribes appropriate treatments. The daily schedule of various massages, baths and drinking cures must be strictly observed. The effects will come soon.

Patients come to Karlovy Vary for:

  • the spa care funded from the patient’s own resources
  • outpatient spa treatments
  • a comprehensive spa care
  • the spa care funded with contributions

The spa care funded from the patient's own resources

The Karlovy Vary spa hotels and other spa facilities can provide you with treatments that are funded from your own resources. This form of spa treatment is available not only to the Czech patients, but also to foreigners from around the world. The patient himself makes a reservation in advance at the selected spa facilities and pays for the spa treatments, as well as for accommodation and meals from the patient's own resources.

Outpatient care

In this form of therapy, the patient, insured by the Czech contractual health insurance company comes to the procedures prescribed by the patient's doctor. The doctor may recommend outpatient treatments after accidents, surgeries and chronic diseases. The prescribed outpatient treatments are usually fully covered by the health insurance. The number of prescribed procedures usually moves around 10 and the patient goes for the treatments from his residence. .

Comprehensive spa treatments

The patients who are insured by the Czech contractual health insurance company get a recommendation for the treatments by their doctor, usually a specialist. He sends a medical report along with suggestions for a comprehensive treatment to the relevant insurance company. The insurance company (or the examining doctor) sends the approved recommendation to one of the spa hotels in Karlovy Vary. If the specific facility has a bed available, it notifies the patient no later than 5 days before the intended date of arrival to the spa facility. The patient receives additional information regarding the treatment at the same time. If the bed for the patient is not available, then the recommendation is forwarded to two alternative hotels. Arrival to the spa facility must occur within one to three months after the recommendation was submitted - it depends on the degree of urgency. The insurance company pays for the cost of treatments, accommodation and meals at the standard level.


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Contributory spa treatments

Contributory treatments are recommended by the attending doctor who sends a medical report with a recommendation for the spa treatments to the insurance company. If the recommendation is approved by the examining doctor, then the insurance company sends it back directly to the patient who is insured by the Czech contractual health insurance company. The patient chooses the spa facility himself and at the same time arranges the time and date when the treatment starts and other details.
Arrival at the spa facility must occur within six months after the recommendation was issued. The insurance company pays the patient only for the standard spa treatment, which lasts for 21 or 28 days. Accommodation and meals are selected and paid for by the patient.


Come to Karlovy Vary for treatment and discover the healing power of thermal springs.
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