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The transition between summer and winter in Karlovy Vary is dedicated to the Czech musical giant Antonín Dvořák. The “Dvořák Autumn” is filled with the invitingly attractive tones of famous symphonies. The town parks and spa forests are slowly getting ready to go to sleep and are saying goodbye with the beautiful colours of the Indian summer. The town heartbeat is slowing down to prepare for the winter sleep.


Average daytime temperature: 4,2–14,6 °C
Max: 28,1 °C
Min.: -5,9 °C
Precipitation: 34–58 mm

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Tourists are slowly disappearing from the streets; the only ones left are those who came to the spa for treatment. The atmosphere of the town is somewhat quieter than in summer.

  • the spa walks, Karlovy Vary forest trails
  • castles, chateaus, museums and galleries
  • convention tourism
  • health tourism
  • agritourism
  • educational trails


Outdoor Outdoor golf, tennis, bicycling, hiking, petanque, horse riding, in-line skating
Indoor Swimming, aerobics, fitness, spinning, golf, tennis, squash
Wassersport und -Tourismus Sports fishing, the Ohře (Eger) river boating

Come to Karlovy Vary for treatment and discover the healing power of thermal springs.
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