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The Jáchymov Spa

The Jáchymov Spa - Radium Palace

The Spa town of Jáchymov can be found about 20 km away from Karlovy Vary. This is yet another major West Bohemian spa, which is proud of being able to provide a worldwide unique treatment of pains. The Jáchymov treatments are based on the baths in the radon water, which is drawn from the local mines.

Before Jáchymov became famous with its unique spa treatments, it was famous for its silver thalerswhich were minted here in the 16th century by the Count Šlik. The name of the Jáchymov thaler gave the name to the U.S. currency - the dollar. Three centuries later Jáchymov became famous again. Together with her husband, the Polish scientist M. C. Sklodowská was the first person to isolate the radioactive element - the radium from the local minerals.

In addition to the unique spa treatments, tourists are attracted to Jáchymov by a number of historically valuable structures, the local museum, aqua-park and the surrounding countryside. From here you can take a ride on a chairlift to the highest point of the Bohemian Krušné (Ore) Mountains – the Klínovec Mountain.

Connection between Jáchymov and Karlovy Vary is provided by trains and buses.

Attractions in the town and its environs:

  • The Hospital Church
  • The Town Hall
  • The Jáchymov Museum
  • The Agricola Aquacentre
  • Chairlift to Klínovec
  • and more...

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