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Goethe's Lookout (638 m above the sea level)


Another Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) structure with the signature of the architectural duo of Fellner and Helmer is the Goethe's Lookout from the year 1889. Once up there, you can view the surrounding area, but you must first manage those 165 steps and the ascent to the height of 34 m. The same as with the Diana Tower, the Goethe’s Lookout has a restaurant for tourists.

The Goethe's Lookout can be reached by the public transport bus No. 8, which goes to the Hůrky bus stop (runs approximately in hourly intervals) and then on foot, on bicycle or by car on the Gogol's trail.


The tower and restaurant are currently closed due to reconstruction.

If you want to continue in the stroll through the spa forests, stay on the Gogol’s trail. After about 2 km you will reach the Three Crosses. As it often happens in the Karlovy Vary forests, you will pass around several bowers and resting areas.


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