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FABRIK TOUR in the Region of Karlovy Vary



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Welcome to the world of porcelain and glass factories. The leading Czech producers of porcelain, glass and liquors developed a common project in the Region of Karlovy Vary called the FABRIK TOUR. Fabrik Tour is an information and educational product within the tourism activities, based on trips to the local factories and plants. The project presents the unique production of porcelain, glass and liquors not only in the town of Karlovy Vary but in the whole Region of Karlovy Vary. The companies Loket 1234, Thun 1794, Moser 1857, Jan Becher Muzeum 1867 and the company Thun Studio 1901 have joined the project. You can set out for a unique trip to the individual companies included in the Fabrik Tour project during your stay in Karlovy Vary. The company Loket 1234 presents a delicate exhibition of regional porcelain at Loket Castle. The company Thun 1794, the biggest Czech porcelain manufacturer, will take you to the modern production facility during the tour. The Jan Becher Museum offers a unique exhibition dedicated to the Czech herbal liquor Becherovka. In the Moser Glass Manufacture you can see the master glass-makers changing a hot glass mass into a unique product. In the Thun Studio 1901 company you can see a prestigious design manufacture with a show of top-class craft.

Porcelain school

The company Thun has prepared a new education project for the primary school pupils, called “Porcelain school – decorate your own cup.” It presents the history and crafts related to porcelain production in an entertaining form. After touring the visitors route through the Thun facility, the children will go to the Porcelain school where they can print and decorate their own cup in their own creative way. The cups will be fired then and mailed to the school. The Porcelain school price: CZK 50 per pupil.

Each visitors centre is open individually. You can visit them individually or order a trip package PORCELAIN&GLASS FABRIK TOUR - GREAT TRIP, IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF PORCELAIN, GLASS AND LIQUOR, ORIGINAL TRIP - FABRIK TOUR, FOR THE PORCELAIN CONNOISSEURS

Visitors centre Nová Role

Monday - Friday: 9.00 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Admission: CZK 120/person, children under 15: CZK 40

Contact: tel.: +420 776 20 50 10,,

A cafeteria and a company shop with discounted prices are available.


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