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Quisisana Palace - Karlovy Vary

Quisisana Palace Karlovy Vary

Quisisana Palace Karlovy Vary


The luxury boutique HOTEL Quisisana Palace in Carlsbad.
The newly opened Quisisana Palace will enchant you at first glance with its unmistakable elegance - inside as well as out. Built at the end of the 19th century, the hotel combines elements from the Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Baroque styles.
The 19 majestic rooms and suites as well as the unique café restaurant offer genuine tradition without having to forego modern comfort. Enjoy "lifestyle with a special touch" during every moment of your stay at the Quisisana Palace.


Contact & Address

Tel.: +420 734 605 443

E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz

Website: www.quisisana-palace.com

Address: Mariánskolázeňská 298/3 , Karlovy Vary (Map)


Detailed Information

A look at the 19 rooms and suites of the Quisisana Palace Carlsbad.
This luxury boutique hotel in the direct vicinity of the sophisticated Carlsbad shopping area captivates you at first glance with its majestic facade and unmistakable flair. 

As soon as you enter your suite or room,
you will be just as overwhelmed by the glamourous, elegant interior as you will be by the discreet charm of our staff - personal check-in in the room included. If you have expected nothing less than luxury with characteristic grandeur, you will feel perfectly understood at the Quisisana Palace.

Offer rooms

Quisisana Deluxe Rooms
Lovingly restored, our four charming deluxe rooms, 28 to 32 m² in size, greet you with a sophisticated ambience accompanied by warmly inviting colours. These non-smoking rooms look out over the quiet inner courtyard. The bathroom with two sinks, the inviting work area with complimentary Internet access, a minibar, laptop safe and flatscreen TV complete these rooms.

Quisisana Grand Deluxe Rooms
Here you can enjoy the charming, grand ambience of the recently and lovingly restored grand deluxe rooms that are between 30 and 34 m² in size. Our guests experience a harmonic interplay of colours in an elegant interior, accompanied by first-class service. Looking out over the quiet inner courtyard, all rooms have a generous bathroom or shower, some have a balcony, a desk and complimentary Internet access, a minibar, laptop safe and flatscreen TV. Experience Carlsbad anew with a unique quality of life - the four grand deluxe rooms invite you to stay a little longer.

Quisisana Suites
You will simply feel at home in one of our two suites with their generous sizes of 57 or 70 m². The cosy character of the suites is underscored by the harmonious interplay of colours and lighting design. Looking out over the quiet inner courtyard, you can enjoy stylish and unforgettable hours here and breathe in the unique elegance of the Quisisana Palace. Experience the incomparable lifestyle of Carlsbad anew each day. Both of the newly renovated suites will pamper you with a generous bathroom, partially private balcony, a desk as well as complimentary Internet access, a minibar, laptop safe and two flatscreen TVs.

Quisisana Deluxe Suites
Anyone who has ever dreamed of an extra special place of perfection with a stylish ambience will feel right at home in our eight deluxe suites. Let your gaze wander from your private balcony over the town and the small, enchanting River Teplá, taking in the unique vitality of Carlsbad. Make yourself comfortable in the relaxing recliner in front of the crackling fireplace and enjoy the incomparable service of the Quisisana Palace. All of the newly renovated suites welcome you with a generous bathroom, separate toilet, two flatscreen TVs, a minibar, laptop safe, desk and complimentary Internet access.

Quisisana Safari Suite
A suite that is full of surprises. Unique and elegant at the same time, the safari suite will enchant you with its passionate attention to detail. Looking out over the quiet inner courtyard, a stay in this 75 m² suite promises pure romance: enjoy a bath in the jacuzzi with your loved one and relax together on the recliner and the elegant living area. Passionate dreams are always welcome guests in this suite. The safari suite captivates you with a generous bathroom with two sinks, two flatscreen TVs, a minibar, laptop safe, a desk and complimentary Internet access.


Where tradition invites you to linger.

The café restaurant in the Quisisana Palace Carlsbad entices you with delights for all of the senses.
From morning to night the seductive aroma of the hotel’s own coffee roastery tickles your nose. The coffee can be purchased in the three varieties "light", "mild" and "strong". This lifestyle of pleasure in conjunction with the comfortable atmosphere of the old coffee house tradition makes the café restaurant in the Quisisana Palace just as unique as the sumptuous delights for connoisseurs. The culinary focus is on sophisticated à-la-carte breakfast variations as well as delicious pastries, snacks and main courses, all of which have a hint of the famous Austro-Hungarian culinary culture and Viennese cafés.
Here you can feel at home and like a valued guest at the same time - no matter whether you are a day-tripper or business person, an artist or guest of the hotel.The generous assortment of reading material and the modern workplace connections invite you to linger, meet friends and acquaintances, discuss something or relax and, of course, to dine in a simply exquisite manner. Accompanied at all times by discreet lounge music, selected with taste and charm. The Quisisana café restaurant offers space for up to 50 people. Treat your senses to this wonderfully diverse feast.


Where beauty and health meet.

The wellness offers of the Quisisana Palace Carlsbad.
Anyone wishing to do something beneficial for their body, mind and soul is naturally in the best of hands in the enchanting wellness salon of the Quisisana Palace. With two cabins, it offers a wide assortment of superb cosmetic programmes for women and men. The Niance cosmetics line is a special feature which is worth pointing out - its ability to work on multiple layers of the skin simultaneously is unique.
You will feel the soothing effects of this innovative multi-anti-aging series immediately (and for much longer). The wide range of treatments available in the wellness area of the Quisisana Palace also focus on well-being. Under the skillful hands of our beauty and massage experts, tension and everyday stress quickly melt away. In addition, the Quisisana Palace Carlsbad pampers you with a wonderful relaxation room as well as manicures and pedicures upon request. Take the time to recharge and refresh all of your senses - in our luxurious wellness area.






Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559
E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz