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Jan Becher Museum


Exposition dedicated to Becherovka, probably the most famous Czech liqueur, is located in the historic building in the centre of Karlovy Vary. During the tour of the original factory cellars you will learn about the history of Becherovka, its manufacturing or storage. You will see the historic objects associated with Becherovka and then you will be shown a short film. Admission includes a tasting of Becherovka, or other drinks from the company's production. After that you can purchase Becherovka and other products in different volumes and forms in the local shop.

The museum also provides tours for individuals. The tour commentary can be heard not only in the Czech, but also in English, German and Russian. The tour time and tour guides can be reserved in advance.


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Opening hours

Mon – Sun 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM


Admission fee

Adults: 120,-CZK (price includes tasting of 3 products)

Students: 60,-CZK (price includes tasting of 3 products)

Children under 18 years: 30,-CZK (without tasting)

Family ticket: 240,-CZK (2 adults + 2 children under 18 years)


Contact data

Address: T.G.Masaryka 57, Karlovy Vary

Phone: + 420 359 578 142




Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559