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Svatošské Rocks


The rocks were declared the national natural monument in 1933. It can be found in the valley of the Ohře (Eger) River, between Karlovy Vary and Loket This group of the massive granite rocks creates remarkable formations, such as the petrified wedding procession, the Venetians’ Grove (artificial cave) and the Old Loket Fort (an ancient settlement on the rocky promontory above the river Ohře from the Middle Stone Age).

If you walk around the Svatošské Rocks, you will also come across a popular educational nature trail. The educational nature trail between Loket and the Karlovy Vary - Doubí, which is 10 km long, contains 12 stops which provide information about geology, archaeology, history and botany. The route is favoured by many cyclists and hikers. You can reach the Svatošské Rocks from Loket (by bus or train) or from the Karlovy Vary - Doubí (the public transit bus No. 6). You can go through the nature trail on a bicycle, or on foot.


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