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Ostrov lies on the route between Karlovy Vary and Jáchymov, at the foot of the Krušné (Ore) Mountains. While in Ostrov, respectively in its old section, you will find many historic buildings built in the Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance spirit, the new part of town breathes with the socialist realism.

The greatest number of historic buildings and structures can be found around the Old Town Square and the Castle Park. The most popular sites include the newly renovated monastery complex. In its vicinity you can also visit the Eco-Centre and learn something about their exotic and household pets.

Connection with Karlovy Vary is provided by trains and buses.

Attractions in the town and its environs:

  • The Ostrov Castle
  • The Castle Park
  • The Town Hall
  • The Church of St. Jacob the Great
  • The Church of St. Michael
  • The Monastery Church of the Virgin Mary Annunciation
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Einsiedeln
  • The funeral chapel of the Dukes of Saxony-Lauenburg
  • and more...

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