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Circular all-day walk

Deer Leap Lookout

If you are a type of person who wants to see as much as possible, then this walk is for you. We will guide you around all important corners in Karlovy Vary.

The things you should take for the walk:

  • appropriate type of shoes
  • a sufficient supply of liquids, these can be also purchased on the way
  • charged batteries in the camera (the true devotees of classical photography must have a sufficient supply of film)
  • cash to buy admission and transportation tickets, souvenirs and refreshments
  • a handbag, the best is a backpack for both shoulders in which you can carry the bottles of water and store the souvenirs.

We will start at the Jan Becher Museum, which is located at the T.G.Masaryka Avenue in the centre of the town. Tours start at 9 AM and so why not being the first to be there? The museum is located in the former Becherovka production facility. After viewing the cellars, the exhibited items and seeing a short film, you can also buy this popular Karlovy Vary herbal liqueur. But it would be better if you leave the tasting for the evening.

JAN BECHER MUSEUMOpening HoursAdmission CZK
T.G.M. 57, Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 359 578 142
Mon – Sun
9:00 AM –5:00 PM
Adults: 120,- (price includes tasting of 3 products)
Students and Seniors: 60,- (price includes tasting of 3 products).
Children under 18 years: 30,- (without tasting).
Family ticket: 240,- (2 adults + 2 children under 18 years)

When you walk out from this beautifully scented building, go through the passage above the museum and walk up the hill. Going through the David Becher Street you will reach the Krále Jiřího Street, which goes noticeably uphill also. Behind the corner, approximately 100 m before the end of the street you will see a structure that does not fit among the mostly Art Nouveau villas very much. It is the St. Peter and St. Paul Orthodox Church.. Opposite the church is a park with a small lake, where you can refresh yourself in the restaurant Little Versailles.
A few meters behind the church, turn left at the end of the street. When you have walked a few steps and you have reached the statue of Karl Marx, turn left again. Go down through the Sadová Street to the Dvořák Park, which lies on the left bank of the river Teplá.

Near this beautifully arranged park, dominated by the statue of the Czech composer Antonín Dvořák, you will find some interesting sights Park Colonnade, Military Spa Institute and Spa III.

From the Spa III continue along the main street toward to one of the most important buildings in Karlovy Vary.
In a moment you will arrive at the largest, the best known and the most popular Karlovy Vary colonnade – the Mill Colonnade. The ceiling of this huge structure is supported by 124 columns. There are five mineral springs coming up between them.

Continue staying on the same river bank and enter the street between the little houses (you will lose the sight of the river for a moment). Before you reach the next stop, you will pass shops with souvenirs, glass, jewellery and other interesting things.

After a while you will come to another set of three colonnades. On the right side is the Market Colonnade and above it is the Castle Colonnade. Across the street at the Hot Spring Colonnade comes out the richest and warmest spring in Karlovy Vary – the Hot Spring.

  • The Hot Spring, the 72 °C hot geyser comes up from the Karlovy Vary’s granite bedrock. It is the place where you can buy souvenirs, taste the hot spring water, buy refreshments or view the section of the Karlovy Vary underground and during the trip to the Hot Spring Underground you can learn something about the springs
  • Above the Hot Spring stands the Baroque Church of St. Mary Magdalene. The worship is celebrated every day and during the service you can see the beautiful interior of the church and while you are at the Hot Spring Colonnade, you can also arrange a tour of the underground crypt.
  • The Castle Colonnade is divided into two sections, the Upper Spring Colonnade and the Lower Spring Colonnade. Looking above the Colonnade, you will notice the Castle Tower the only reminder of the original Gothic castle of the Emperor Charles IV.
  • Besides covering the Charles IV Spring, the Market Colonnade is also hiding the relief depicting the discovery of the first spring.

When you leave the Market Colonnade, continue in your journey. You are still on the same bank of the river, which is surrounded by beautiful cafés and hotels.

  • Just before the bend on the other side of the river Teplá is the building of the Karlovy Vary Museum, where you can go through the permanent exhibition (the history of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), balneology, etc.). Go and look at the unique exhibits and learn about the history of the largest Czech spa town
Karlovy Vary MuseumOpening HoursAdmission CZK
The former district office at Nová louka 23, Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 353 226 252
Wed - Sun
9:00 AM –12:00 AM and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
(Permanent exhibition, displays)
Adults 60,-
Children 30,-
Family 120,-

Continue along the river all the way to the Grandhotel Pupp. But before you start to view this luxury hotel, walk into the Mariánská Lane and take a ride on the funicular to the Diana Observation Tower. From there you will enjoy the nicest view of Karlovy Vary.

After that you can take a walk on the popular forest trails to the Jelení skok, to the statue of mountain goat, or to the Charles IV Lookout. Going back to the town, you can either take a walk through the forest trails, or you can take the funicular.

Behind the Grandhotel Pupp, on the other side of the river stands a remarkable building of the Imperial Spa and a short distance further is the Evangelic church. After the Pupp your walk will continue on the Goethe’s Trail around the bust of J.W. Goethe and around the Art Gallery. Here you will see the works of the Czech and foreign artists.

The Karlovy Vary Art GalleryOpening Hours
Goethova stezka 6
Karlovy Vary
Tel.: +420 353 224 387
Fax: +420 353 224 388
Tue-Sun 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
The gallery regularly organizes cultural and educational events for the public. In these cases, the operating time may vary.

Admission to all exhibitions is FREE on every first Wednesday of the month.

As you leave the gallery, walk on the Goethe's trail towards the Postal Court tourist restaurant. Along the way you will pass the Friedrich Schiller's statue and further down the statue of Bedřich Smetana. Sitting in the pleasant atmosphere of the Postal Court restaurant from the year 1791, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and give your feet a rest.

If you're not tired anymore, come out to the Slovenská Street in front of the Postal Court and go along the river stream to the Parkhotel Richmond.

  • The Parkhotel Richmond is located about 350 m away from the Postal Court. Apart from the fact that the hotel itself is engaging by its classical architecture, there are many other attractions in its park. A statue of a deer, a bower with the Stephanie Spring, the Japanese Garden and the monuments of the Polish poet A. Mickiewicz and the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

From the Richmond you will continue your tour on the Slovenská Street to the Richmond bus stop. From there, take a ride to the Libušina bus stop. When you get off, turn left towards the Hotel Imperial. The spa Hotel Imperial from the year 1912 is sure to amaze you with its size and beauty. And when you have had enough of looking, walk down through a beautiful hotel park on the way to the Imperial funicular station, from which you can take a ride to the Theatre (Divadelní) Square.

Go back along the river about 100 m upstream and look at the recently renovated Municipal Theatre, perhaps the program offers something you would enjoy seeing in the evening. But now go downstream, walk among the places you already know – the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Hot Spring Colonnade. Follow the river until you see the Spa III on the opposite side of the river. At that point turn right. Behind the library you will see the terraced walkway leading to the Hotel Thermal swimming pool. Standing on the terraces, you can say goodbye to the beautiful spa area and from this height you can watch the places where you stood just a moment ago.
Now walk down on the other side beyond the Thermal and cross the river on the Postal Bridge.

Walk over to the TGM Avenue, which is an important business centre in the town. While there, you will find many boutiques, restaurants and other interesting places. When you reach the fountain above MacDonald’s, go down towards the right side. Just before the turn to Zeyerova Street, you will see the National House standing on your right hand side. Now go down the Zeyerova Street to the Municipal Market (“Tržnice”). Next to it there is the public transit bus station.
And that's the end, folks. If you did not have enough walks today, you can use the public transportation and take a ride to one of the Karlovy Vary observation towers. It will be up to you where the final station of your trip will be.


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