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Central Park Karlovy Vary


CENTRAL PARK KARLOVY VARY – Revitalization of the Lower Train Station – a project the company Lordship would be interested in building in Karlovy Vary.

The Central Park Karlovy Vary Project is situated on the territory between the Chebský most bridge, Západní Street, Tuhnice gas conduit bridge and the Ohře River with an area of 13 hectares (former České dráhy facility on the Lower Train Station).

The investor believes the projects will help Karlovy Vary achieve an image of town of European significance by its function, size and round-the-year operation. It should also have a significant effect on the unemployment situation in the Region of Karlovy Vary.

"Our goal for the project is to provide space to work and relax, as well as a place everyone will like to come back to, not only to the Karlovy Vary citizens but also to the tourist industry development by its location, size and unique rendering and content, along with its connection with the historical centre of the town," said Juraj Šaštinský, the investor's representative.

Vision and goals

  • To extend the town centre and create a place for meeting of the town's citizens and visitors.
  • To follow up with the brand and name of the town of Karlovy Vary from the pre-war era and return the town to its position of a spa town of global significance.
  • To meet the goals of the strategic documents of the town, as the development of congress tourism, development of spa care and development of services.
  • Use of the potential of the location (banks of the Ohře River, centre of town, public transport, protected land area of the Slavkov Forest), town and region for the growth of the quality of life of the town's and Region's citizens.
  • Extend the average time of stay of the town's visitors.
  • Meet the requirements of the environmentally friendly buildings certification.

Functions considered

  • Recreational green zone along the Ohře River with cafés and leisure-time activities.
  • Railway station with an interchange node of the integrated transport system.
  • Blocks of flats and hotels specializing in congress tourism, entertainment centre, shopping centre, education centre, medical centre, additional services including an adequate number of parking spaces for the citizens, employees and visitors of the CENTRAL PARK KARLOVY VARY.

Benefits of the project for the town of Karlovy Vary and its region

  • Meeting the strategic goals of the town's and region's development (development of tourism, congress tourism, spa care, services and quality of life).
  • Decreasing the level of unemployment in the region by creating about 4,500 jobs for the period of construction, and about 2,400 permanent jobs by the centre operation, development of public facilities for the region's citizens, increasing the value of the surrounding area.
  • Environmental benefits – elimination of the old environmental loads, revitalization of a brownfield in the town centre, revitalization of the Ohře River banks, decrease of transport noise, decrease of the volume of transport at the Republiky Square, environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Increase of the average wage and income of the physical and legal entities in the region, increase in the town's and region's tax revenues, round-the-year functioning of the building which should limit the seasonality of the town's economics.
  • Making the town and region more attractive.

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