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Luxurious body treatment Alqvimia



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With the beginning of the New Year the hotel complex Bristol group offers you very unique wellness procedures. The natural cosmetics Alqvimia offer you the new kind of relaxation and pleasure.

Alqvimia is exclusively pure natural cosmetics rediscovering mastery of alchemy and perfume production for contemporary world.  Thanks to new technologies and production processes it connects modern cosmetics with the nature.

You can choose from wide range of procedures offering extraordinary experience with the care of the nature. The strength and variety enable every client to choose tailor made procedure. 100% natural cosmetics Alqvimia guarantee instant and visible relief and provide large enjoyment. They cosset not only the skin but the mind and the soul as well.

Treatments Alqvimia represent real highlight in body cosmetic care – they embody the connection between science and art, unique experience, top-class relief, peace and beauty. Let the nature cosset you!

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