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Convenient packages
Karlovy Vary accommodation + services

Choose from one of the convenient packages of accommodation in Karlovy Vary and other services. You can choose to order one of the convenient packages with the wellness services or a romantic stay in Karlovy Vary for two, or a package for women, a golf package and more. The convenient packages can be simply ordered online through the karlovy-vary.cz portal.


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Spa Stay

Price from: 3000

Grandhotel Pupp


Treat yourself and your health with traditional spa treatments at the new Pupp Royal Spa.


New Year´s Eve

Price from: 5625

Grandhotel Pupp


Celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a New Year’s Eve stay at the Grandhotel Pupp.



Price from: 3200

Grandhotel Pupp


The holiday atmosphere at the Grandhotel Pupp will make an unforgettable gift.


Secret of Tradition

Price from: 4050

Grandhotel Pupp


Discover the secret of Karlovy Vary spa treatment and traditional confectionery of the Grandhotel Pupp.


Anti-cellulite Programme

Price from: 1215

Grandhotel Pupp


Enjoy an effective anti-cellulite programme. Our treatments eliminate cellulite, cleanse the lymphatic system, eliminate dead skin coatings. You will feel fantastic and full of confidence.


Anti-Aging Treatment

Price from: 1675

Parkhotel Richmond


Age Prevention


Found: 41

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