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Convenient packages
Karlovy Vary accommodation + services

Choose from one of the convenient packages of accommodation in Karlovy Vary and other services. You can choose to order one of the convenient packages with the wellness services or a romantic stay in Karlovy Vary for two, or a package for women, a golf package and more. The convenient packages can be simply ordered online through the karlovy-vary.cz portal.


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New Year´s Eve

Price from: 5625

Grandhotel Pupp


Celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a New Year’s Eve stay at the Grandhotel Pupp.


Golf Package

Price from: 4480

Hotel Imperial


Visit a golf course in the heart of Europe which is proud of its long tradition. It is an ideal place to combine one’s pastime, spa stay and a visit to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Czech Republic.


Secret of Tradition

Price from: 4050

Grandhotel Pupp


Discover the secret of Karlovy Vary spa treatment and traditional confectionery of the Grandhotel Pupp.



Price from: 3900

Grandhotel Pupp


There is not always a lot of time to enjoy a long time holiday. Therefore we would like to offer you this short time stay, which harmonizes your body, soul and mind.



Price from: 3875

Grandhotel Pupp


A romantic stay for two in the luxurious environment of the Grandhotel Pupp.


Relaxation weekend

Price from: 3640

Hotel Imperial


Are you planning a weekend off? Combine pleasure with usefulness and forget about the everyday worries for at least a while...


Detox Complete Cleanse

Price from: 3572

Detox Hotel Villa Ritter****


The basis of the Detox Complete Cleanse programs is the implementation of the prof. Nikolay Tsirelnikov method, specially developed for our detox program and the synchrometod "KEY" of prof. Hasai Aliyev.


Romance at the Spa

Price from: 3500

Hotel Imperial


Use the unique baths in the thermal Karlovy Vary water, effect of an aroma massage and soothing Indian head massage.


Medical Spa "Premium"

Price from: 3360

Hotel Imperial


The combination of healing procedures and the traditional drinking cures


Detox Programme

Price from: 3360

Hotel Imperial


Do you need to "clean" your body and mind? We offer you a unique detoxification program.


Found: 43

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