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Convenient packages
Karlovy Vary accommodation + services

Choose from one of the convenient packages of accommodation in Karlovy Vary and other services. You can choose to order one of the convenient packages with the wellness services or a romantic stay in Karlovy Vary for two, or a package for women, a golf package and more. The convenient packages can be simply ordered online through the karlovy-vary.cz portal.


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Spa Wellness Programme for Children

Price from: 1092

Spa Resort Sanssouci


The modern Spa Resort Sanssouci now offers spa procedures also to children within the Spa Wellness Programme for Children.

Good fun and effective expert care at the same time, offered by the new programme for children aged 4 to 14, scheduled for the minimum of six days. Spa Resort Sanssouci offers a reduced price package.

Come to Karlovy Vary and let yourself be spoilt in the Spa Resort Sanssouci and bring your children with you!



Anti-cellulite Programme

Price from: 1215

Grandhotel Pupp


Enjoy an effective anti-cellulite programme. Our treatments eliminate cellulite, cleanse the lymphatic system, eliminate dead skin coatings. You will feel fantastic and full of confidence.


Regeneration Programme

Price from: 1365

Spa Resort Sanssouci


The advantageous 5-days program, which includes, except accommodation and half-board also 6 procedures and other advantages.


Wellness for ladies/gentlemen

Price from: 1470

Spa Resort Sanssouci


Ladies, do you want to get away for a little bit from the everyday worries and feel like a queen?  Exploit our offer and let us spoil you in a harmonizing bath with special ingredients and rose petals, make your hands silky soft by ordering a paraffin wrap and amplify the beautiful experience from the relaxation by breathing concentrated salty air in our salt cave. You will not regret it!


Gentlemen, do you want to forget about everyday worries and get charged with new energy? Enjoy our luxury whirlpool, try out the stationary bike while breathing clean O2, let us massage you, and, finally, amplify the pleasant experience from relaxation by breathing the concentrated salty air in our salt cave.


Hotel Accommodation

Price from: 1540

Spa Resort Sanssouci


If you are coming to Karlsbad and would like to stay overnight comfortably, we offer you accommodation in the 4* Spa Resort Sanssouci. The accommodation price contains also breakfast, swimming-pool entrance fee and more other advantages.


Classic Spa

Price from: 1820

Spa Resort Sanssouci


Choose Classic Spa programme and enjoy two treatments every day. Except of procedures, accommodation, half board, you will undergo an initial examination and consultation with a physician or even nutritionist as well. Additionally, you can enjoy unlimited access to the pool, jacuzzi and sauna. It sounds great, right?


Spa Wellness Programme for Children

Price from: 1846

Hotel Imperial


Would you like to let yourself be spoilt in the Imperial Hotel in Karlovy Vary and treat your little ones to the same indulgence?

Or do your children have diet issues?

Spa procedures can be a miraculous help for children. For this reason, Hotel Imperial newly introduces the Spa Wellness Programme for Children.


Romance for two

Price from: 1890

Spa Resort Sanssouci


Gentlemen, do you want to pamper your partner like Queen Cleopatra or the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, with us?


Medical Spa "First Moment"

Price from: 2023

Spa Resort Sanssouci


The „First Moment" offer applies only to reservations made at least 7 days prior to the arrival and to the stay lasting at least 7 nights, all this based on a non-refundable payment in the amount of 100 %, payable immediately at the moment of reservation.


Found: 40

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