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Medical Spa "Premium"
Spa Resort Sanssouci

The combination of healing procedures prescribed by a physician (up to 18 procedures per week), the traditional drinking cures of Karlsbad, the pleasant surrounding of the luxurious hotel as well as the unique fell of Karlsbad will help to cure your body an let even your soul to have a rest.

To make the spa treatment maximally effective, it must take 12 days, or, on a physician’s recommendation, even longer. Medical Spa "Premium" in the Spa Resort Sanssouci**** contains:

  • Accommodation
  • Full boarding
  • Entry, follow-up and final medical examination
  • Laboratory diagnostic tests after medical indication
  • Drinking cure
  • Treatment by nurse (24 hrs a day)
  • Up to 18 spa procedures in a week
  • Free WiFi internet access in public areas and in rooms
  • Free local transport ticket (bus line no. 2)
  • Free entry in pool, whirlpool bath and sauna 
  • All taxes and fees related to your stay


Minimum stay 7 nights, physicians recommend 21 nights


Special offer - Save 20 % in the period till March 14, 2019.


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 Price from: 2380 Kč / for 1 person / 1 night


Contact & Address

Address: U Imperiálu 198/11, Karlovy Vary (Map)




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Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559
E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz