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Tourfilm will unveil the Easter Island’s mysteries this year



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The oldest tourism films festival in the world, Tourfilm, will make its way to Karlovy Vary on 1-3 October 2015.

The 48th year of the Tourfilm international tourism films festival will take place in the Karlovy Vary’s hotels Thermal and Grandhotel Pupp. This year of the Tourfilm festival, which is organized by the Czech tourism central office – CzechTourism, will again reward the best promotional spots and documentary films contributing to international tourism development.

The partner country for this year that will welcome visitors on Friday is Rapa Nui – the Easter Island, which takes the baton over from Morocco. The presentation of this exotic destination surrounded by many myths and mysteries will be supplemented by Tourfilm’s guests appearances: the traveller Miloslav Stingl who celebrates his 85th birthday this year and has been the first Czech at Rapa Nui, actors Bob Klepl and Anna Polívková or archaeologist Pavel Pavel who studied possible ways of transporting heavy loads in mounting the ancient monumental constructions.

What is the story of the mythical moai statues or of the Bird Man cult? A lot can be explained by the main star of the upcoming festival, the director Waitiare Kaltenegger Icka who comes from the Easter Island. She will come to this year’s Tourfilm from Australia where she is involved in filming a new series of the Pirates from the Caribbean.

You will also have the opportunity to taste insect cuisine at the Tourfilm and set out on the 1,400 km long journey to Jerusalem. Refreshment will be provided by a real Cold Pole, a place in Siberia where the record temperature of -71.2°C was measured, or by a cruise through Amazonia.

Also, the Czech tourism films and spots festival, the TourRegionFilm, will take place for the 22nd time; its goal is to attract tourists to beautiful places in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia.

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