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The 44th International TOURFILM Festival of Tourism Films and the 18th National TOUR REGION FILM Festival of Tourism Films are already behind us. The festival, which took place in Karlovy Vary on October 6 to October 8, featured 500 films and commercials and 352 multimedia presentations from 135 countries during the TOURFILM Festival and 150 films and commercials, as well as 66 multimedia presentations during the TOUR REGION FILM Festival.


The main theme of the program for the public were the Himalayas. We were able to see the performances of several leading Czech mountain climbers, as well as of the actress Iveta Blanarovičová, who also visited the Himalayas. That was followed by the dedication of the book entitled “The Disappearing Ladak – Fragments from the Little Tibet or After my 60s Nothing will Keep me at Home”, along with the introduction of a collection of outdoor equipment for Himalayas and other mountains. Children had fun with Dáda Patrasová and Juliet the Earthworm, or were able to visit one of the attractions and to participate in the children's contest in front of the Thermal Hotel.

The 2011 TOURFILM results

This year's main festival prize – The Grand Prix was won by the Mexican film Mexico en tus Sentidos:

Category I - Films:
1st Place: Danish film “We Love Bikes”
2nd Place: Czech film “A short film about a long history of Litomyšl”
3rd Place: Lithuanian film “Asa and Hakan in Latvia”

Category II - Commercials:
1st Place: Switzerland Tourism with a commercial “Switzerland – more than just mountains”.
2nd Place: ATOUT France with a commercial “Teaser Be Breizh”
3rd Place: Polish commercial “Lubelskie – Let the moment last”

Category III - Television documentaries on traveling
1st Place: Libor Špaček and Petra Doležalová and their film “Escape to Tahiti”
2nd Place: Jan Svatoš and his film “Africa Obscura”
3rd Place: The Moya Planeta production of the film named “Sakhalin. Life on the island”.

The Jury Prize - Prix du Jury was won by the Ibis Film AS production “Fjord” and the Czech Television film “Noisy Tracks”.

Category IV - Multimedia presentations
1st Place: Tourist Office with the website
2nd Place: Rio de Janeiro from the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau
3rd Place: Deutsche Lufthansa with

The 2011 TOUR REGION FILM results

Category I - Films:
1st Place: “A short film about a long history of Litomyšl”
2nd Place: “Pálava and Lednice-Valtice area”
3rd Place: “Chrudim-Hlinsko Region”

The Jury Prize - Prix du Jury was won by the films “Jablonec nad Nisou” and “Havířov”.

Category II - Commercials:
1st Place: TV commercial “Holidays in the Czech Republic – it’s the thing!”
2nd Place: Commercial entitled “Welcome to South Moravia”.
3rd Place: Commercial entitled “New Ostrava!!!”.

The Jury Prize - Prix du Jury was won by the commercial entitled “Bohemian and Moravian Borderland”.

Category III - Multimedia:
1st Place: website
2nd Place: Virtual tour of Town of Třebíč
3rd Place: website

And now there is nothing left, but to look forward to the next year's festival, which will again take place at the beginning of October...


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