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This Year’s Tourfilm Will Take You to the Moroccan Desert, Afghanistan, or Icy Alaska



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As the world’s oldest festival or tourism films, will come to Karlovy Vary on 9 October 2014. The 47th year of the film festival will take place at the Thermal and Grandhotel Pupp hotels in Karlovy Vary. This year’s Tourfilm will take you to the pearl of Arabia, Morocco, to Afghanistan, or icy Alaska. Sexologist Radim Uzel will reveal the secrets of sex across continents. The Tourfilm programme in Karlovy Vary is free for all visitors.

On a Motorbike through the Moroccan Desert with an Actor and Singers

The partner country of this year’s festival is Morocco, which will be viewed from every angle by a film and still camera. Viewers will experience a bike ride through the Moroccan desert with actor Martin Zounar who explored the exotic country along with singers Václav Noid Bárta and Lou Fanánek Hagen in 2009. Visitors will be able to learn more about the peculiars of the Moroccan desert photography from traveller and photographer Jiří Kolbaba. Director Marie Poledňáková will share some interesting facts from the shooting of her film Líbáš jako ďábel [You Kiss Like The Devil] in Morocco. A less traditional view of the North African country will be presented by musical singer Linda Finková.

A substantially “icier” part of the programme will feature, among others, actor and television host Aleš Háma who will share his experience with fishing in the Alaskan wilderness. Petr Horký will map the world of famous traveller Miroslav Zikmund. Sexologist Radim Uzel will reveal the secrets of sex across continents, including sexual taboos in and outside Europe. The accompanying programme will take visitors to the extreme conditions of Afghanistan or around the world with the legendary Zikmund & Hanzelka duo. Fans of the traveller guru and the honorary chief of the Kickapoo tribe, Miloslav Stingl, have also a lot to look forward to. Jana Bürger along with the honorary festival guest, Rapa Nui Queen, Taurama Analola Hey Rapu, will uncover some secrets about this unique Polynesian island. And talk about Czech Republic will this time focus on its rich filmmaking history.

To the Bottom of the Ocean with Australian Diver David Hannan

The main star of the 47th year of Tourfilm will be Australian filmmaker, artist, and conservationist David Hannan. His underwater films made with the aid of special filming equipment and HD technology have won him a number of awards over the past few years. The Emmy-winning filmmaker mostly films in tropical waters and temperate waters around Australia, as well as in Antarctica, the Philippines, Borneo, or the Cook Islands.

With his early diving experience at the age of 11, David Hannan was the first to explain coral reef propagation and his film about the reproduction of corals and the formation of coral reefs was the first documentary film in the world to map this topic. He collaborates with BBC, Discovery or National Geographic and his production company produces education and documentary films from the underwater ocean realm.

This year Tourfilm, which is organized by CzechTourism, will once again award the best spots, films and web presentations supporting the development of international tourism. It will also be the 21st year of Tour Region Film, a festival of Czech tourism films and spots, which aims to attract tourist with the beauty of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Tourfilm competition, within the frame of which films and spots from around the world will compete for the main prizes, has received a record number of applications. Almost 500 films and 163 multimedia projects have been viewed by the expert jury, which will select three winning contestants in each category, as well as winner of the Grand Prix. A total of 64 films, 35 spots and 30 multimedia projects will compete in the Tour Region Film competition. The festival will be traditionally accompanied by Tourmap, a display of tourist maps and guides. Visitors will be able to see them on the premises of the Thermal Spa Hotel.


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