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Spa Season Opening 2017 in Karlovy Vary



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Opening of the spa season takes place in Karlovy Vary from 5th May to 7th May, 2017

The spring celebration will take over the whole town of Karlovy Vary. The Spa Season Opening events will take place in the spa colonnades, spa parks, forests and concert halls. The programme will offer social and cultural events, concerts, exhibitions and interesting meetings. Besides the traditional programme in the form of the Spa Springs Dedication and a historical parade through the town, headed by the Czech King Charles IV, there will be many other new events to look.

During the opening weekend in Karlovy Vary, you may visit a craft fair, a wide range of concerts and other cultural performances or social events. Celebrations take place in many places of the spa city: T. G. Masaryk Avenue, the open spaces in front of the Main Post Office, Thermal Hotel, Mill Colonnade, Grandhotel Pupp and many more...

Porcelain markets in front of Grandhotel Pupp, and many other events will be part of the spa season opening celebration.


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