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Observation Bridges in Karlovy Vary



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In addition to visiting romantic wooden lookouts, arbours and resting areas in the spa woods surrounding Karlovy Vary, you may also explore the newly opened themed trail with observation bridges and footpaths.

The complex with the themed nature trail was built as a part of the "Nature Unites – St. Linhart" project, which was funded from the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Objective 3 Czech Republic – Free State of Bavaria 2007 – 2013. 

The historical forest site of Saint Linhart with the adjoining game preserve thus forms an educational complex focusing on environmental protection. The building also serves as an information and visitor centre with a gallery. At present, a set of photographs mapping the course of the renovation and construction of the complex is displayed in the gallery.

The game preserve covers an area of 70 hectares and it is divided into three parts. You may watch the sika deer in the first part by Saint Linhart, fallow deer in the central part, and wild boar in the third part. A 5-kilometre long nature trail leads through the preserve and along its route, you will find information boards with interesting fact about the fauna and flora living in the surrounding woods.

In 2015, the "Nature Unites – Life of Trees" project was also completed, within the frame of which a short treetop trail (highest point 15 metres above the ground) with a deer observation post was built.

Observation Post at Saint Linhart

The main objective of the observation post at Saint Linhart is to allow visitors to watch the game feeding on the adjoining meadow. The observation platform is situated approx. 4.3 m above the terrain. The observation post is roofed.

Game: Sika deer

Observation Bridge at Luční Ponds

The total bridge length is 538.6 m.

Game: fallow deer, wild boar

Observation Bridges at Fibich Lodge

It is a multisectional wooden bridge situated from 2.0 to 2.6 m above the terrain. The total bridge length is 210 m.

Game: wild boar



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