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Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon 2018



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Karlovy Vary is part movie set, part spa town. It also happens to be the site of one of the most scenic half marathons in the world. Twenty-one kilometers that fly by, and that make your spirits soar. Come to Karlovy Vary and you won’t think of this as a race. You will think of it as a gift!

Essential Facts

  • Edition: 6th (first held in 2012)
  • Title partner: Mattoni
  • Capacity: 4 000 runners
  • IAAF label: IAAF Road Race Gold Label
  • Accompanying program: Marathon Music Festival, After-race party, dm family run, Running Expo
  • Did you know that...: Karlovy Vary is the smallest town in the world awarded with the IAAF Gold Label status? It’s also famous with many movies, which were filmed there, “Casino Royal” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” are among them.
  • Event record men: Wilfred Kimitei /KEN/ 1:00:54, 2017
  • Event record women: Yvonne Jelagat (RunCzech Racing) /KEN/ 1:08:19, 2017
  • Average temperature: 13 °Cv

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