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A Modern Gourmet Experience Restaurant Finally in Karlovy Vary



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Experience gastronomy has become a growing trend in the restaurant business over the past few years. More and more often, people treat themselves to an experience in the form of exquisite delicacies made of premium quality fresh ingredients. However, finding a restaurant where you can truly enjoy your lunch, dinner or a cup of coffee with fine dessert may still be a problem. Especially in smaller cities, such as Karlovy Vary, it was not always easy to find a good restaurant. Fortunately, this is no longer true. All you need to know is where to look...

A restaurant where quality prevails over quantity and where the main characteristic of the served dishes is a symphony of colour, taste and consistence may be found on the main tourist artery in Karlovy Vary. The restaurant with the French name LE MARCHÉ is located only a few steps away from the well-known Karlovy Vary sights, such as the Imperial Bath or Grandhotel Pupp. An experience menu can be a pleasant ending to your walk through the beautiful spa town.

A Gastronomic Experience Every Day

The LE MARCHÉ Restaurant Menu is conceived in a way to ensure you a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience 6 days a week. From Monday to Saturday, you may enjoy a two-course lunch menu or a three-course dinner menu. The menu is never the same though. Its composition depends on the season and the current offer of fresh ingredients delivered by meat, fish, fruit and vegetable suppliers from around the world. To our menu, we offer carefully selected, quality French, Italian, and Moravian wines, champagne and well-chilled light and semi-dark Pilsen beer. In addition to our experience menu, we also offer original chocolate and fruit desserts, which you may enjoy with a cup of delicious coffee.

Quality from a "Michelin" Chef

Executive Chef Jan Krajč will gladly welcome you at a table inside the restaurant or on its outside terrace. In case his name sounds unfamiliar, you ought to know that apart from renowned Czech restaurants he also worked abroad. Perhaps his most notable past place of work as a chef was the Michelin star restaurant at Grandhotel Sauerhof in Austria. He also hosted his own cooking show on Czech Television, he worked as food stylist for the "Styl a chuť" (Style & Taste) magazine, and he published a cook book. Ultimately, he decided to make the most of his vast experience and to open his own LE MARCHÉ Restaurant in Karlovy Vary.

If we have persuaded to visit the restaurant and to try the specialities prepared by Jan Krajč, all you need to do is to reserve your table by phone, e-mail or online.

Contact: Le Marché Restaurant, Mariánskolázeňská 4, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, phone: +420 730 133 695, E-mail:,



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