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2011 Porcelain Festival



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This year's 16th Annual Porcelain Festival took place in the area of Grandhotel Pupp. The event was organized both in front of the hotel, as well as in the Pupp Great Hall. The visitors to the event enjoyed the atmosphere of live music and the organizers also did not forget the children, for whom they prepared their own special program.

In the 21 sales booths located in front of the Grandhotel the visitors to the festival were able to purchase porcelain produced in all Thun 1794 a. s. factories for attractive prices. In the Great Hall of the Grandhotel Pupp they were able to see the exhibition of Thun porcelain, including the hottest new products from this porcelain factory. The porcelain exhibition was complemented by the Moser glassware products.

The Porcelain Festival always enjoys a great success among the Karlovy Vary public and tourists. Thanks to the good weather it was no different this fall.


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