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Windsor Spa Hotel - Karlovy Vary

Windsor Spa Hotel - Karlovy Vary

Windsor Spa Hotel - Karlovy Vary


This new hotel with its own balneotherapy centre is located in the very heart of the spa area in Karlovy Vary, next to the Mill Colonnade. The Windsor Spa Hotel Complex continues in the 150 year-long history of the Lázně III treatment facilities.


Contact & Address

Tel.: +420 734 605 443

E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz

Address: Mlýnské nábřeží 507/5, Karlovy Vary (Map)


Detailed Information

The Windsor Spa Hotel focuses on traditional, complex spa treatments taking advantage of the local natural resources – thermal mineral waters, peloid, and hot spring gasses.
The hotel has 36 rooms, a non-stop reception with an exchange office, a lobby bar, a restaurant, a unique concert hall, and a parking lot within the complex.
The hotel was ceremoniously opened on 1 April 2014.

Services offered:
•    providing complex spa treatments utilising the natural mineral waters
•    a unique spa pool with natural spring waters
•    top-quality spa cuisine, including an offer of special diet programmes
•    gastroenterological examinations and operations
•    other services (beauticians, pedicures and manicures, and much more)
•    the Shopping Gallery, offering a wide range of services and products, is a part of the hotel complex






Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559
E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz