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Venus - Karlovy Vary

Venus Karlovy Vary

Venus Karlovy Vary


The spa and commercial districts of the city meet in front of the Venus Hotel. Its guests can stay in comfortable single rooms, double rooms and suites. Furnishings: bedroom, bathroom, toilet, TV, SAT, radio, minibar, strong box, telephone, hair drier.


Contact & Address

Tel.: +420 734 605 443

E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz

Website: www.HotelVenus.cz

Address: Sadová 8, Karlovy Vary


Detailed Information

The building consists of a hotel restaurant with a dance floor, an outdoor terrace, and a lobby bar. The spa center includes doctors’ offices equipped with up-to-date diagnostic technology.




Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559
E-mail: info@karlovy-vary.cz