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Municipal Theatre Karlovy Vary


The Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) theatre was built at the Theatre Square in the years 1884-1886. The authors of this magnificent Neo-Baroque building were the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer.

Interior decorations are a separate chapter. The murals were entrusted to renowned Viennese artists, brothers Gustav and Ernest Klimt and Franz Matsch. This group of young painters (aged between 22 and 25 years) has left behind a permanent imprint in the form of a true masterpiece – a hand-painted curtain with a motif celebrating poetic art (see separate chapter). The magnificent work is complemented with a fresco above the proscenium and paintings on the vaulted ceiling. Sculptural decorations, namely in the foyer, are the work of another Vienna native, Theodor Friedl. His signature is also apparent on the group of statues in the forefront of the building (Muses) and on the Antique griffons guarding the entrance. All fittings, lamps, the chandelier, and the charming Rococo lamps on the staircase were designed by architects Fellner and Helmer.

An interesting example of Pseudo-Rococo architecture built in the spirit of the contemporary trend of historicizing styles brings the splendour of Prague and Vienna to the palatial spa town of Karlovy Vary, and along with the unique complex of the neighbouring Grandhotel Pupp and the Imperial Spa, it forms an matchless collection distinguished by – to use Le Corbusier's words – "an identical style and elegance".

The Municipal Theatre regularly brings an interesting cultural program. You can choose from the selection of theatrical performances, music programs, talk shows and other events.


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