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Mill Colonnade


The Zítek’s original vision about the appearance of this Neo-Renaissance building was substantially different from its final form. The famous architect originally intended to build it as a two-storey structure that would be even more splendid. Upon the completion the colonnade was not received with great enthusiasm. Apparently it did not go together with the nature of the spa centre.

Since 1893, when it was extended to the Rock Spring, it measures 132 meters. Under its roof, which is supported by 124 Corinthian columns, is an orchestra stage and five mineral springs. Its inner space is decorated with allegorical sculptures. Balustrades of the rooftop terraces are decorated with 12 statues. Each of the statues represents a calendar month.

The Mill Colonnade is now perhaps the most popular building in Karlovy Vary, both among the permanent residents, as well as among tourists.

Rock Spring
53 °C
The spring was rising from the river Teplá until the year 1845. After landscaping its water was brought to the location of today's Mill Colonnade.
Libuše Spring
62 °C
Originally known as the Elizabeth Rose Spring. It was formed by connecting four small springs.
Prince Wenceslas I
65 °C
Prince Wenceslas II
58 °C
Water from this source was used to produce the Karlovy Vary medicinal salt. In the late 18th century its yield and strength could be apparently compared with the Hot Spring. The Prince Wenceslas Spring is led to two spring vases. The Spring I flows out directly in the Colonnade, the Spring II in front of the Colonnade, opposite the orchestra stage.
Mill Spring
56 °C
The spring has been used for the spa treatments already since the 16th century. Originally it was mainly used for bathing. It used to be possible to buy the water from this popular spring in almost all Czech pharmacies.
Rusalka Spring
60 °C
From the 16th century and until the year 1945 it was called the New Spring. Water flowing from it used to be more popular than that of the Mill Spring. This spring used to have its own New Spring Colonnade, which was later rebuilt and renamed as the Mill Colonnade.

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