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Military Spa Institute


The building of the Military Spa Institute was founded in 1855 as the first fully integrated spa facility in Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary). Since its inception and until today the Military Spa Institute primarily serves as the spa sanatorium for the members of the Czech Republic Army.

This historic building with the square-shaped layout is situated on the left bank of the river Teplá, on the outskirts of the Dvořák Park and between the Park Colonnade and the Spa III.

Part of its decoration consists of a painting from the year 1848 with the motive illustrating the discovery of the springs, classical sculptures and a unique and still functioning clock mechanism from the year 1855.


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Contact data

Address: Mlýnské nábřeží 574/7, Karlovy Vary


Virtuální infocentrum Karlovy Vary

Habrová 1445
363 01 Ostrov

Tel.: +420 773 378 559