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Imperial Spa – Spa I


The Imperial Spa, also known as the Spa I can be found opposite the Grandhotel Pupp. The authors of this majestic building with a U-shaped layout are the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer, who built the Imperial Spa in the Renaissance style with the elements of classical architecture. Admirable is not only the architectural design of the building, but also the stucco, paintings and sculpture decorations.

The Imperial Spa was among the most modern and most luxurious establishments of its time. It brought its clients all the necessary comfort and modern technical facilities. In addition to the modern spa cabins with private changing rooms, bathrooms, shower and tubs for peat and mineral baths, the Imperial Spa was equipped with a spacious gym with 64 exercise devices powered by electricity. Other procedures offered in the Imperial Spa included a variety of massages, steam and hot baths, baths with cold water, flowing bath for the feet, hip-bath, electrotherapy, etc.

But unfortunately the beautiful premises of the Imperial Spa, which since the year 1918 is known as the Spa I, have been derelict for a number of years. The building is open to the public only during various social events. A complete renovation is currently in the process of preparation, which would turn the dilapidated spa building to a modern multi-purpose social and cultural centre. Apart from saving this important landmark, the reconstruction would provide a new space for concerts, exhibitions and various social events. We are also eagerly expecting the new building which would house the exhibit about the spa and balneology history and the history of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. .


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