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Castle Colonnade


The Castle Colonnade can be found above the Market Colonnade. It is composed of two sections: the Upper Spring Colonnade and Lower Spring Colonnade. The Upper Spring Colonnade is freely open to the public and it covers the Upper Castle Spring. The Lower Spring Colonnade is accessible only to the clients of the Castle Spa. Its interior contains a relief of the Springs Ghost made of iron sandstone.


The Colonnade was closed for many years. It was reopened to the public again in 2001, when it was completely renovated.

Lower Castle Spring
55 °C
Upper Castle Spring
50 °C
Actually this is only one source which is led to the two spring vases. However, due to the greater altitude of the upper vents and the laws of physics, the Upper Castle Spring has a different temperature and CO2 content when compared to the Lower Spring.

The photos were taken from - the databank of photographs of the Region of Karlovy Vary.


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